Baby Shower Planning, Ideas, Games, and More

Baby showers are a time to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby. Planning a baby shower takes time and thought to the baby shower theme, baby shower favors and the baby shower games.  Take a look around for inspiration and ideas from other hosts and helpful articles.

Post to our Baby Shower Ideas Message Board Here. Please share your game ideas, favor making suggestions, recipes that have worked for you…anything that might help our “hosts in planning” that visit us daily.

Visit my Question and Answer area for some quick advice on some sticky situations. Know that even when you plan the baby shower games, the baby shower invitations and everything down to the detail, that things can go wrong.  Just be prepared to smile and wave the problems away. This is the mom-to-be’s baby shower and the day is about her. So, don’t sweat over anything little, it won’t be remembered.  What will be remembered is the great baby shower that you planned for your sister, friend, co-worker, daughter, etc..

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Baby Shower

  • Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

    Thank you gifts to a hostess are a way to let her know how much you appreciate the time, effort and expenses that she put into your party. Here are a few ideas: Gift certificate to her favorite restaurant, spa, or store. Gift basket full of chocolates, gourmet foods, Cookies

  • Adoption Baby Showers

    The adoption of a baby or child deserves a celebration! The parents will need everything that a pregnant couple would need for the new baby. Here are a few thoughts about adoption baby showers: Timing of the party: When the baby shower should take place is really a personal preference

  • Baby Shower Invitations

    How do I pick the best invitation for my baby shower? The baby shower invitation that you select normally reflects the theme of your party. If you are decorating with teddy bears, then we would suggest that you start the party off with teddy bear invitations. If you do not

  • Co-ed Baby Showers

    To Invite, or Not to Invite……THE GUYS! Should you invite your husband and his friends onto the sacred ground of the baby shower? That is the question that plagues many hostesses and moms-to-be. Wanting to include your hubby in the festivities is only a natural progression of your pregnancy. Shopping

  • Baby Shower Decorations

    Displaying Gifts: For the gift area, possibly use something baby-ish to hold some of the gifts and let the gifts taper away from it. Such as a bassinet, a stroller, a cradle (any large item that the mom has already for the baby or possibly a gift that is set

  • Online Baby Showers

    Online Baby Showers Online baby showers are becoming more and more common., says that there is a need out there. Many moms come to us because they live far away from their family, but still want to have a baby shower. They really need the support of their loved